Funny Best Cat Mom Ever Mug For A Crazy Cat Lady

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Funny Best Cat Mom Ever Mug For A Crazy Cat Lady

This Best Cat Mom Ever mug is hilarious! If you have a sarcastic cat lover in your life (or at least one with a good sense of humor), this will make a great gift.

I just love it's simplisticity...straight forward and to the point. The black and white cartoonish design makes it eye-catching, without being too busy. It's only after you really look closely at the kitty that you realize it's giving you the finger! Lol.

It's a classic shape and made of ceramic. It will hold 11 ounces so it's standard size, not over-sized.

Also, it's both microwave safe and dishwasher safe which us busy cat ladies always appreciate!

This mug is perfect for feline-loving coffee drinkers or tea drinkers. It also provides an added laugh (or warning to others!) for those of us who are not morning people.

I give it "two middle fingers up"!