Do You Know Your Cat Breeds? [Infographic]

Here is an interesting cat breed infographic that lists 41 different cat breeds.

While I am familiar with many of them, there were a few that I hadn’t heard of – like the Khao Manee or the Australian Mist?!

How many are new to you?

A Cavalcade of Cats

 From Visually.

Featured Cat Breeds

Russian Blue: Behind its emerald eyes and blue-gray coat, lurks the ancient soul of a proud hunter.

Norwegian Forest Cat: Norse legends speak of their skills as mousers and their ability to scale sheer rock faces with their claws.

Balinese: A Balinese makes for an active conversation partner and a tender companion.

Bristish Shorthair: The British Shorthair exhibits all the traits of a dignified Victorian gentleman or lady.

Burmese: They’re so muscular that some refer to them as “bricks wrapped in silk.”

Korat: Korats were traditionally given to newlyweds in pairs as symbols of good fortune.

Chartreux: The Chartreux is a blue-coated cat with intelligent copper eyes, lightening-quick reflexes, and a famous smile.

American Curl: This breed’s distinctive curled ears reveal its nature as a playful little devil!

Scottish Fold: Scottish Folds are known for their flat ears, stubborness, and love of the outdoors.

Turkish Angora: If brought into a family, they will usually bond tightly with one member as “their person” and seek to help them in all things.

Arabian Mau: The Arabian Mau is a sturdy breed that loves to hunt and will closely guard its territory.

Japanese Bobtail: The Japanese have many myths and folktales about this cat and its expressive “singing” voice.

Birman: Birmans are thought to have been sacred cats that lived with and shepherded the souls of temple priests in northern Burma.

Egyptian Mau: When in a merry mood, this breed is known for “dancing” in a way that resembles marking its territory.

Donskoy: Exceptionally social and friendly, the Donskoy often needs a companion pet.

Khao Manee: The Khao Manee loves to meet new people and burn excess energy causing mischief.

American Bobtail: A big, burly cat with a proud wild heritage, an American Bobtail isn’t afraid to tell you what it wants!

Maine Coon: These “gentle giants” are often described as being more like dogs than cats.

Siamese: The Siamese is a very vocal, social breed that needs a companion to stave off depression.

Cornish Rex: “The greyhounds of cats,” they love to romp and froilc!

Singapura: One of the smallest breeds of cat, most Singapuras have a bit of a Napoleon complex.

Siberian: These barrel-chested and athletic cats sometimes mate for life and love spending time with their families.

Turkish Van: Turkish Vans are piebald, muscular cats that have a fascination with water.

American Shorthair: The Cat Fanciers’ Association calls them “a true breed of working cat” that takes pride in keeping a pest-free home.

Ragdoll: This breed is so affectionate and docile that some breeders worry it could be the result of a harmful genetic mutation and inbreeding.

Somali: The Somali is quite beautiful, though some compare their mischievous side to monkeys or foxes.

Cyprus: Four thousand years before cats were trendy in Egypt, this breed shared tombs with humans in Cyrpus.

Brazilian Shorthair: This breed is descended from Portuguese cats brought to Brazil to guard food from mice and pests.

Bengal: This breed originates from a cross breeding of domestic cats with the Asian leopard cat.

Sokoke: Sokokes are known for bouncing off the walls in sudden bursts of energy and having an unfortunate vulnerability to New World diseases.

Australian Mist: Definitely a lounge cat, this smooth-talker gets along with all sorts of people and pets.

Abyssinian: Each individual hair on its body is banded with different colors in a “ticked pattern.”

Traditional Persian: This is the classic cat favored by Bond villians and kung-fu movie villians.

Malayan: Like its relative the Burmese, Malayans are very vocal and they will tell you when they want something!

Snowshoe: The Snowshoe is a deeply devoted breed that easily learns tricks.

LaPerm: The LaPerm is a uniquely curly-haired and hypoallergenic cat.

Cymric: They love to swim and jump, and they easily make friends with other animals.

Dragon Li: Dragon Lis are strong cats rumored to be descended from an ancient, self-domesticating breed of wild cat.

Sphynx: You might expect the Sphynx to be shy or lazy, but they’re more extroverted than most dogs!

Chausie: These cats have complicated personalities and require a strict diet.

Thai: This high-maintenance breed is named in the Tamra Maew, a tradional book of cat poems from Thailand.

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